Case Study 1: Brand promotion in the digital space in Mainland China

  • Our client was a leading television series that wanted to promote their brand prior to the launch of derivative products


  • Our client had experienced immense success with their television series in China and asked us to design and execute a digital and PR campaign


  • We invited 5 leading Chinese influencers to London for a VIP event promoting our client’s series
  • The event took place in a London hotel which was on-brand for our client and was decorated with real props from the series television set
  • Our influencers met with the head of costume design to try on props and accessories from the series
  • Dinner guests included VIP HNWI from the media, fashion and business sectors, including the writer, executive producer and actors from the series
  • We ran a three month digital campaign to promote the event and our client’s brand in Mainland China


  • Social Media: A reach of 4.2 million followers was achieved, along with 150% of the social engagement KPIs
  • Press Coverage: 31 press articles were published promoting the event in leading Chinese media publications